ANSWERED: Can You Use Firebird Targets with Clay Targets?

ANSWERED: Can You Use Firebird Targets with Clay Targets?

ANSWERED: Can You Use Firebird Targets with Clay Targets?

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Your Questions Answered: How to Use Firebird Targets When Shooting Clays

Anyone who has watched our videos have seen plenty of shooters using Firebird Reactive Targets while shooting clays. Firebird Targets were originally designed for use with shotgun sports and we continue that tradition today. From the original Firebird 65mm targets to today's 50BIO target, our detonating reactive targets are engineered to effortless stick to a clay pigeon with the attached adhesive pad. Just peel of the backing, stick to the clay, and load them up into the thrower.

Do they work in Automated Throwers?

Yes! Ranges often will load up Firebird Targets into their throwers, and we have yet to see any loading issues. The 50BIO targets can be placed on the top or bottom of the clay (whichever side is being presented to the shooter) and will stack like normal. (There may be a slight gap in the clay stack, but that won't affect the loading or throwing.)

Why Didn't the Firebird Target Go Off?

The way the new Firebird 50BIO targets are designed you'll need to hit the target at a direct 90° angle (see the image above). If you the target from the back, then there won't be a solid backing to ignite the compound. From askew angles, the shot will not hit with enough direct force for the compound to ignite, so we suggest presenting the targets as close to 90° as possible for best results.

Will My Local Shotgun Range Allow Them?

Many of the ranges we've talked to will allow them for special events or fun shoots. Some even will allow them on normal range days. The only way to know for sure is to ask your local range. Though we are confident many ranges will love the added excitement of Firebird Targets, we understand that some conditions may not suitable for pyrotechnic devices like Firebird Targets.






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