Please watch this safety video and review the Do’s and Don’ts listed below before purchasing Firebird targets.

Firebird Targets Safety Information

Firebird Targets are a fun and effective way to improve your shooting. But here’s a few things you need to remember.

Safety and precaution first. Always read and follow the safety instructions on the package.

When affixing the targets, do not use a hammer, staple gun, or screws. Just peel, stick, and shoot. Be sure to clear the target area of any dry grass, limbs, or sticks or any other flammable material.

Be sure to check your local fire conditions and comply with any ordinances.

Be sure to keep the targets away from any open flames or any other fire sources, and that includes cigarettes.

These targets are a lot of fun, but never, never use them indoors. Make sure you stay back 50 feet from the targets, and you’ll see why once you start shooting them.

We shouldn’t have to say this, but never ingest, alter, or disassemble the targets. Remember, it’s up to you to stay safe, help prevent forest fires, and become a better shot. So while you’re here, grab a pack and go have a blast.

Firebird Don’ts

  • Firebird Targets are not to be provided to anyone under the age of 18 years
  • Do not use the Firebird near dry grass, crops, stubble fields, trees, or combustible sources
  • Do not attempt to affix the Firebird Target to a surface by driving a nail, screw, or staple through it
  • Do not attempt to affix the Firebird Target to a surface in any manner except by using the included self-adhesive stickers
  • Do not ignore safety information as it may result in injury or even death
  • Do not use at distances less than 50 feet
  • Do not burn or incinerate Firebird Targets. Do not store Firebird Targets near an open flame. Do not smoke in the vicinity of Firebird targets
  • Do not attempt to dismantle or modify Firebird Targets in any way
  • Do not use Firebird Targets indoors, including a home, barns, garages, sheds, or any other building or construction that has a roof and more than two sides
  • Do not shoot more than one Firebird at a time
  • Do not use in any manner other than that for which this product has been designed – for the purpose of accurate shooting practice
  • Do not eat, or otherwise ingest, any part of a Firebird Target

Firebird Do’s

  • Practice gun safety at all times
  • Read all safety information on the product package and this website before use.
  • Always wear proper eye and hearing protection
  • Store Firebird targets as you would ammunition, in a cool, dry area away from flammable materials, or excessive heat
  • Ensure a properly maintained fire extinguisher is available when using this product
  • Improve your accuracy and enjoy Firebird Targets with friends!


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