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Firebird is a ready-to-use Pyrotechnic exploding target.

Firebird is not a Binary Target and is legal to transport.

Firebird does not contain Ammonium Nitrate.

Firebird is the smart alternative to binary targets.

Firebird is a ready-to-use Pyrotechnic exploding target.

Firebird is not a Binary Target and is legal to transport.

Firebird does not contain Ammonium Nitrate.

Firebird is the smart alternative to binary targets.



  • Instant Hit Recognition (IHR)

    Instant confirmation of shot placement. A chest thundering report emanates from a bullseye whereas a slower reaction is noted from the ten ring. Our award winning pyrotechnic targets will have your heart racing, your blood pumping and is guaranteed to be the “hit” of any shooting event. Target practice will never be the same.

  • Volume Control

    Control the volume level of the Firebird Targets by varying the backing. The harder the material behind the target, the louder the BOOM! Don’t need the loud report? Use plywood or other hard wood behind the target. Place on steel targets for the loudest report.

  • Use with a wide variety of weapons

    Rifles. Shotguns. Archery. Pistols. All work great with Firebird. Hosting target practice with a few friends? Impressing the other members at your skeet club? Out for a day of archery under a clear, blue sky? All skill levels, different choices of weapons, everyone is sure to have a great time.

  • Accuracy improvement

    Field tests repeatedly demonstrate dramatic increases in accuracy as almost secondary nature because of the motivation to repeat an exhilarating Firebird hit.

  • Easy to use and transport

    Open the package. Mount the target with the preinstalled peel and stick tape. Select your weapon. Start improving your accuracy from the very first shot.

    Headed to another location? Don’t worry, stow away your Firebird targets in your tactical bag and head out. Leftover targets? (We doubt it.) Store your targets in an impact-resistant case with your ammo and they’ll be ready for another day’s outing.



    Published On: September 3, 2021

    Safety First Firebird Targets are a fun and effective way to improve your shooting. But here's a

No Ammonium NitrateContains Ammonium Nitrate
BiodegradablePlastic containers often left behind
MSRP $19.95/10 packMSRP $39/15 mixed targets
Easy to use – no mixing, just peel & stickOnsite, error prone mixing required
Compact size promotes accuracy and responsible useCan mix large, dangerous quantities
Plenty of bang, smoke and flash for range useHigh Explosive (HE) class, strong, damaging shock wave
50 feet minimum shooting distance100 yard minimum shooting distance
Legal to transport & easy to storeIllegal to transport after mixing
Water resistant packagingOpen containers absorb moisture, degrades product
Works with pellet guns, archery, shotguns, rimfire, centerfireMostly centerfire only, limited use for rimfire

Commonly Asked Questions

Which weapons will Firebird Targets work with?2023-02-07T09:47:54-06:00

Firebird Targets have been proven to work with high-velocity pellet guns right through to .50 caliber weapon systems.

Where can I find Firebird Targets locally?2023-02-07T09:47:55-06:00
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What happens if I drop one?2023-02-07T09:47:47-06:00

Tests carried out have demonstrated that it is extremely unlikely for a Firebird to detonate if dropped. However, Firebird Targets are pyrotechnic devices and should be treated with care and caution.

I tried to buy your targets online and it would not let me because I live in California. Why can’t I buy Firebird Targets?2023-06-15T10:19:28-05:00

In many cases, your state or local laws prevent us from shipping our product to your area or prevent use of our product in your area.  These states include California, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Massachusetts. In some cases such as Alaska and Hawaii, we cannot ship our product to your state due to complications with shipping regulations.

How are Firebird Targets biodegradable?2023-02-07T09:47:58-06:00
Anerobic digestive testing of FIHRF indicates 8.2% degradation as of the initial 123 days according to the ASTM D5511 test method.
Can I use sub-sonic ammunition or air guns with Firebird Targets?2023-02-07T09:47:49-06:00
Yes, if the minimum velocity is 1,000 fps or more.
Can I shoot Firebird in a Clay Pigeon from any angle?2023-02-07T09:47:46-06:00

Shoot Firebird-loaded clays exposing the underbelly or top of the clay target, wherever the Firebird Target is placed.

For the Firebird to function, the shot must first penetrate through the front face of the Firebird target.

Are there any guns that Firebird Targets will not work with?2023-05-31T08:14:41-05:00
Firebird Targets are unlikely to function with BB guns, airsoft guns, and low-velocity (less than 700 fps) pellet guns. Remember that the minimum safe distance for use is 50 feet and Firebird Targets are not a toy and are prohibited for use by unsupervised children.


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