Popping off Firebirds with a Sig Sauer MCX Pellet Rifle

Popping off Firebirds with a Sig Sauer MCX Pellet Rifle

Popping off Firebirds with a Sig Sauer MCX Pellet Rifle

Using a Sig MCX Air Rifle to Detonate Firebird Targets with Airgun Channel

We love watching videos of people sighting in their guns with Firebird Targets! Firebird Targets make for great sight-in targets because you know when you’re hitting dead center when you get that BIG BOOM. Over on YouTube, Airgun Channel is no stranger to using Firebird Targets. After a recent video they shared we sent them some new targets to test out, and they put them to work when sighting in their new Sig Sauer MCC Gen II Air Rifle. This pellet gun traditionally uses CO2 as the propellant, but in this video, Airgun Channel uses an aftermarket Compressed Air cannister to power the pellet rifle.

After sighting in the laser sight, Airgun Channel places a Firebird 65BIO Target behind a cardboard box, placing a bullseye sticker on the front of the box to hit dead center. While testing out some formerly-shot targets, the pellet seems to have broken the casing without a detonation. While rare, this can happen when the FPS of the projectile doesn’t hit with enough force to cause the detonation. At Firebird Targets, we recommend at least 850 fps on air rifles for reliable detonation. Detonation can occur at lower FPS, but they can also break the target without a satisfying POP. However, on Take Two, the Sig MCX launches a pellet at 450 fps and still blows the box apart while splitting the 2×6 it was mounted on!

“Those things look like a straight nuclear bomb going off” the shooter says when the Firebird 65BIO finally detonates as planned. We won’t disagree with that! Even at 450fps (almost half of our recommended velocity) it still produce a big Boom, lots of smoke, and satisfying shockwave. We can’t wait to see Airgun Channel’s next video.

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