Saddle River Range: Firebird with a Bow

Saddle River Range: Firebird with a Bow

Saddle River Range: Firebird with a Bow

Firebird Targets with a Bow

Our friends at Saddle River Range in Conroe, TX tried out Firebird Targets last year and fell in love instantly. While most reactive targets require high-velocity to detonate, Firebird Targets are specially formulated to go off at lower velocities while maintaining their safety in transport and use. Saddle River Range, primarily an archery destination, was curious about the use of Firebird Targets, but was unsure if they wanted to start selling the targets in their store. So, they took them out to the range to test them out first!

Do Firebird Targets Go Off with a Bow?

As you can see in the video above, Firebird Targets work very well with archery. We’ve designed both the Firebird 50BIO and the 65BIO targets to detonate with a shot from a bow. And just like with a firearm, you get a bigger, better boom when you hit dead center. In the video, you can see the group was not prepared at how much KABOOM a well-placed shot can produce!

Do Firebird Targets Destroy the Arrow?

Though we don’t make any guarantees, generally a field point will pass right through the biodegradable shell of the Firebird Target and not be damaged by the blast. Sometimes some scorching can occur, but often that is only superficial and can be wiped away. We don’t recommend the use of broadheads (for both safety precautions and for the additional expense), but target or field points should make it out unscathed and set the target off with a nice Boom!

Are They As Loud as When Shot with a Gun?

Yes! Firebird Targets give you the same response regardless of what you shoot them with! The amount of reaction only depends on the backing surface (soft surfaces provide a smaller response while harder surfaces make for a bigger, louder response) and where you hit it (dead-center impacts will give a bigger boom while shots around the perimeter will lead to slower and smaller responses.) So, Firebird Targets are perfect for a day at the range, no matter how you choose to shoot them! Don’t believe us? What the video and see the reaction to a Firebird Target detonation!






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